July 7, 2020

Hot Damn Part 2

Hot Damn Part 2

Great weather continues with the extended forecast.  Well, mostly.  Thursday could be wet with isolated storms but those will finally clear out a lot of the excessive humidity just in time for the weekend and the drier weather should stick around well into next week.

Water levels are perfect, hovering around the long term average for this time of year.  Tons of (big) sandbars but not so many you’ll be running aground every 10 minutes (it’ll be more like every 20 minutes – if you don’t know what you’re doing).  

This Friday-Sunday is on track to be a perfect 10 out of 10 weekend, no exaggeration.  Even the sunset mosquitoes haven’t been terrible.  Of course it also coincides with the peak of peak season.  We’re already sold out for the next two weekends so if you’re looking for a boat, you’ll want to check back every day for any cancellations (pro-tip, they tend to happen around 8-10am and 8-10pm).  

If you want real solitude, head out on a weekday (even Sunday-Monday).  As busy as the weekend is, there are maybe 20 people on 25 miles of river on any given weekday.

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