June 26, 2020

Good price for a 2014 hobie Outback? : Kayaking

Good price for a 2014 hobie Outback? : Kayaking

Hi all,

I’m getting back into kayak fishing after selling my WS tarpon 140 about 5-6 years ago. I’ve stumbled upon a 2014 hobie Outback that’s I’m considering and I’m wondering what a good price for this year would be. It doesn’t appear to come with any extras besides the paddle, seat, and anchor line. I don’t think it has the turbo fins. I’ve never had a peddle kayak apr a hobie kayak at all so I don’t know too much. They don’t appear to have many features like Tracks or anything stock. I’ve always wanted one though.

Pic: https://imgur.com/a/scKmgI1

If I could get this for $1000, would that be a great price?

For reference, my alternative is that I really want a vibe sea ghost 110. Can’t find them anywhere though. Usually

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