September 19, 2021

Canoe Cleaning and Care? : Kayaking

Canoe Cleaning and Care? : Kayaking

But wait, this is a Kayaking reddit, why post this here when there’s a entire section for canoeing on Reddit. Well the canoe is the same hard plastic as what you see with kayaks and I don’t see a lot of canoes made this way. So because almost all the kayaks we see now are a hard plastic, I’m asking here.

The canoe’s pretty dirty, she just stored it in her yard it seems, there might have been water pooling on the inside. I’ll be storing it hung up from balcony above. I’m on ground floor. 13′ so can’t do it on it’s side like others do. Anywho, I ramble. She left it outside all the time and just looking at it, it looks dirty. I’ll be cleaning it on my patio so ideally whatever I use wouldn’t be bad for the grass or things that visit it.

Also I haven’t seen it in person and grabbing it is assuming there’s not any damage. I know that the canoes going to be beat up. Like you see with kayaks. But I was curious if there’s anything I can do to clean up the underside and the rest of the body? Is there something I can add to fix and gauges from rocks/sticks? The type of scraping we normally see on kayaks. Would love a remedy to fix that up.

Anywho, don’t know the brand. Know it’s bright yellow and it rises up on the front and back instead of being flat all the way around. Fits 2. Pics of the canoe. If anyone has a ID, would love it.

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