May 4, 2021

Best first kayaks for my wife and I : Kayaking

Best first kayaks for my wife and I : Kayaking

Hey everyone,

My wife and I are looking at purchasing two new kayaks . With covid there aren’t many available options new or used around us.

We would be on smaller lakes around calgary and kananaskis, and most trips 2-3 hours.

I’m 5’11 220lbs and she is 5’2 140lbs

Our budget is around $1000cad per boat (not including paddle, pfd, etc)

We have narrowed it down to these two boats that we can get relatively quickly.

The first is the clearwater inuvik, we would get the fishing package, its 13′ long and Canadian made which we like

The other boat the evoke algonquin is only sold at Canadian tire, it looks identical to the Conquer 120, I like that it would be slightly cheaper but seems to have more bells and whistles.

Which boat would you choose and why?

We were hoping to find some wilderness pungo 120’s but they will not be available at our retailer until the end of season.

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